5 Popular Blogging Tools Today

Blogging online requires tools aside from using social networking sites as venue for blogs. Blog tools can either be free or not; hosted or independent. Majority of blogs online are dependent on hosted tools and free blogging tools available on the net. It comprises almost three-fourths of the weblog available online. In order to determine which best blog tools you need to use, let us take a look at the five most popular blogging tools used by millions of bloggers in the internet.

Ecto (MAC)
Is the most popular desktop blog tool editor that can support wide range of blog system like Blogger, TypePad, and WordPress. It a useful tool with powerful and rich features like spell checks, rich text editor, creating links, attachment, draft saving, etc. So even if your not online, you can create your blog entries. Ecto is created for easy and efficient blogging by its extended functionality in plugins that are way much richer than Windows Live Writer. It works well with Flickr and del.icio.us. It is not a free blog tool and you can buy the software online.

Windows Live Writer
It is a free desktop application tool that provides ease in publishing a blog with a rich content because equipped with a rich text editor, word count and spelling checker. It is one of the cleanest blog editors online because it provides users familiar features just like that of a Microsoft office. Users can add photos, music or any types of media into their blog easily. The best feature of Windows Live Writer is that you can add plugins that can easily integrate with wordpress, flickr and Facebook in creating and editing blog posts. Its flatform can either be vista or windows.

It is a firefox extension desktop blog editor that allows you to blog on a specific webpage without leaving the browser. You can post to your blog easily and you can drag, move or drop formatted text or image from other browser and paste it to your blog. It is free and the platform can be Windows, Mac OS and Linux i686.

It is a free blog tool that allows simple, fast and convenient blogging on the web. It is owned by Google and is commonly used for types of blogs like personal blogs, education blogs, political blogs, etc.

A hosted blogging service tool. It can host a number of blogs for blog owner’s other use and function. Best feature of TypePad is that it allows the user a complete control over their blog to be able to manage it easily. TypePad also allow easy and quick transfer of content, links and images.

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